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Why plasterboard furniture?

Plasterboard furniture primarily gives the impression of extravagance and expensive. With plasterboard furniture thickness of the shelves is 5 cm what is equal to thick barrier of most modern furniture.

Doors, lighting and other accessories

On the plasterboard furniture we can mount doors (sliding or swing), drawers, additional thinner shelves, lighting, wheels and everything you imagine. The combinations are also possible with wood, glass and various other materials! In the plasterboard furniture it is possible to insert sockets, switches for lights and antennas, telephone and internet connections.

Strength, capacity and durability

The advantage of plasterboard in front of the wood is that the plasterboard furniture can never get to bend shelves for heavy loads on the shelves. Shelves are made with reinforcement as needed and can have extremely high load. It’s possible to manufacture with impregnated material so that is resistant to moisture, and his durability is unlimited.

Proof of our quality is a lifetime warranty!canstockphoto9049228

PopGips system of plasterboard furniture we developed for a five years and brought to perfection. For the same reasons for each system, we can guarantee capacity and provide a lifetime warranty. Load capacity of PopGips systems of plasterboard furniture can be 20 kg to 1000 kg and if needed for you we can develop and test a system with greater capacity. Choose quality! Choose us!

Representation and Cooperation

We are looking for agents for our program of mobile furniture for the whole Europe and and rest of the World.

For any further informations feel free to contact us.


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